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Accelerate Sales/Marketing Efforts from Evan Kirstel @evankirstel

Evan Kirstel @evankirstel announced a new service to help you accelerate sales for your team and channel partners.  He can create a custom curated and company focused newsletter delivering to you actionable information for your own sales team or channel partners.  In addition, via my Twitter team and multiple accounts, he can push that out optionally to up to 250,000 Twitter followers to direct prospective customers to your CTA-call to actions, customer-closing content and landing page(s).
To create this exciting information, he uses xiQ’s Marketing Intelligence Platform, powered by IBM Watson. The platform is enterprise-wide and is applied to its global leadership, sales, marketing and industry business unit executives. By implementing the cognitive computing-powered xiQ platform, Genpact is now able to identify real-time market intelligence that further strengthens its ability to support client growth, efficiency and business agility.

Background – “Thought leadership is a key driver of Genpact’s ‘Lean Digital Transformation’ vision,” said Gianni Giacomelli, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Product Innovation, at Genpact. “xiQ delivers real-time market intelligence to our leadership team, reducing the time to process critical information while improving decision making. With xiQ, we have digitalized the process of keeping our teams on the cutting edge, winning customer confidence and driving business growth.”

xiQ’s Marketing Intelligence Platform leverages multiple IBM Watson Alchemy language APIs like Entity, Keyword, and Concept Extraction as well as Sentiment Analysis to help companies like Genpact analyze unstructured data from the Internet, social media and public records. This analysis, combined with xiQ’s other content marketing abilities, empowers sales and marketing teams with real-time insights that can improve engagement with customers and prospects. For example, by tapping into Watson’s Sentiment Analysis service, Genpact can analyze tweets and news from their clients, proactively identify their customer needs, personalize their engagement and enhance their customers’ experience.

Call m: 978-761-1524 | e: or DM @evankirstel to get started today and accelerate your sales efforts.  Click on image for website.

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